Divine Encounters:

The Reality of God, Angels & Demons

Wondering whether God exists? What transforms life from being filled with “have to’s” to being filled with “want to’s”?  How do we link our heart to God’s Holy Spirit?  Can God really transform our worst experience into a unique manifestation of His power over evil?  What makes us choose to do the things we do? Can we be inspired to choose ‘the road less travelled’?

In her book “Divine Encounters: The Reality of God, Angels & Demons” Dawn Densmore answers these questions and more.  Her search for the true meaning of life, brought her face-to-face with Jesus and in contact with both angels and demons who currently have access to earth.  Her book provides unique and captivating accounts of God’s extraordinary ways, including allowing individuals to appear after they die.

Her journey will make you laugh as well as cry, as you see how God can use anything, even hippopotamuses to show his love. In the end, you will stand in awe at Almighty God who is at work preparing us for eternity, where ‘time’, as we know it, ceases to exist.


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